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Area attractions

Sansha Taisai

Boasting a history of over 290 years, the Hachinohe Sansha Taisai has been designated as a National Important Intangible Folk Cultural Property. 
Every year for the 5 days from July 31 to August 5, gorgeous parades featuring floats with mythological figures will be taken place.

Hachinohe Enburi

Hachinohe Enburi is a local dance performance expressing prays for a good harvest. It is designated as an National Important Intangible Folk Cultural Property. February 17

Kabushima Shrine

Kabushima Shrine is a only one place in Japan where has a breeding ground of the Black-tailed gull.  You can observe the nest closely. It is designated as the national natural treasure.  From late February to early August, more than 30,000 birds cry out. It is a 15-minute drive from our hotel.

Nearest station: Same Station
Address: 56 Same, Samemachi, Hachinohe, Aomori
Website: http://kabushimajinja.com/

Tanesashi Coast

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A coastline extending for about 12 km from southeast of Kabushima. It is designated as Sanriku Reconstruction National Park.
There is a place with a wonderful view of the Pacific Ocean called "Ashigezaki Observation deck."  You can enjoy the beauty of white sands and pine trees throughout the four seasons. It is a 20-minute drive away from our hotel.

Nearest station: Same Station
Address: 56 Same, Samemachi, Hachinohe, Aomori
Website: https://hachinohe-kanko.com/english/special-top

Miroku Yokocho

It is a new spot of Hachinohe. There are  a variety of stalls in the small street. You can enjoy the nostalgic atmosphere. It is a 3-minute on foot from our hotel.

Nearest station: Same Station
Address: Samemachi, Hachinohe, Aomori
Website: https://hachinohe-kanko.com/english/10stories/yokocho

Tatehana Wharf Morning Market

Tatehana Wharf Morning Market is a huge morning market being held every Sunday on a vast wharf where is about 3km away from the city center.  Every time, about 300 shops will be there. (closed from Jan to middle of Mar). a 15-minute drive away from the hotel.

Nearest station: Mutsuminato Station
Address: Tatehana Wharf, Shin-Minato, Hachinohe, Aomori
Website: https://hachinohe-kanko.com/english/10stories/asaichi

Mutsuiminato Ekimae Morning Market

One of the representative morning markets in Hachinohe city. The morning market is lined up around 3:00 in the early morning on the roadside around Mutsuiminato Station. It is a-15 minute drive away from our hotel.

Nearest station: Mutsuiminato Station
Address: In front of Mutsuminato Station, Minatomachi, Hachinohe, Aomori
Website: https://hachinohe-kanko.com/english/10stories/asaichi

Kushihiki hachiman-gu Shrine

Kushihiki hachiman-gu Shrine has been worshiped as sochinju (local Shinto deity) of southern Aomori from the Kamakura era. It is a-15 minute drive from our hotel.

Nearest station: Hachinohe Station
Address: 3 Hachiman-cho, Hachiman-ji, Minatomachi, Hachinohe, Aomori
Website: http://www.kushihikihachimangu.com/index.html

Lake Towada

Lake Towada is a double caldera lake in that the inlet between its two peninsulas. There are several islands in the lake. You can enjoy the scenery of four seasons. 

Address: Okuse, Towada, Aomori
Website: http://towadako.or.jp/

Oirase Stream

Oirase Stream is 14 km away from Lake Towada Konoguchi. This stream has the height difference about 200 m, and it gives a variety of beauty. There are several scenery spots.

Address: Okuse, Towada, Aomori
Website: http://towadako.or.jp/

Hasshoku Center

A comprehensive retail food center where dried food, delicacies, and Hachinohe specialties are gathered, including fish and shellfishes just picked up at Hachinohe Port. 15 minutes by car from the hotel.

Address: 22-2 Kansai, Kawaragi, Hachinohe, Aomori
Website: http://www.849net.com/